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Best 10 Beginner Knitting kits (2023)

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The ultimate how to knit for beginners! Why not take the step and learn to knit with these beginner knitting kits?

Knit kits are perfect to start knitting for beginners as they come with everything included as yarn, knitting needles, pattern and instructions. Just open your kit and start knitting!

To make it even easier for you to start looping, I have picked out 10 different knitting kits for beginners, from scarves to pillows, that are perfect for the absolute beginner.

Himba Snood – Neck warmer

Himba Snood from We Are Knitters

Learn how to knit with this quick beginner project from We Are Knitters. The Wool is a chunky yarn that is knitted with 19 in/15 mm needles, and this snood takes just 2h to knit.

The kit includes yarn, knitting needles, the pattern, an embroidered label, and a sewing needle.

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The Scarf – All inclusive beginner knitting kit

The Scarf an all inclusive beginner knitting kit from Knifty Knittings on Etsy.

Knit a lovely scarf! To knit Knifty Knittings, scarf you don’t need any knitting experience.

Everything is covered in this kit. Yarn, jumbo needles, a written pattern and access to an online video library with step-by-step instructions on how to knit the scarf.

Brera Cardigan – Bigger project

Brera Cardigan from We Are Knitters.

Are you the more adventurous beginner and crave a statement garment, then the Brera Cardigan from We Are Knitters (WAK) is the kit for you.

The kit includes yarn, knitting needles, the pattern, an embroidered label, and a sewing needle, and you can choose between 25+ fun colors.

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My First Hat – Chunky knitting kit for beginners

My First Hat from Loopy Mango - Knitting kits for beginners

Loopy Mango offers this exclusive knitting kit for beginners in 100% merino wool. It’s thick, warm, soft, and stylish, perfect for those cold winter days.

With this chunky yarn, you will have it finished in no time. Loopy Mango states that it only takes 1-2 hours to complete, and there are tons of colors to choose from.

Take My Heart Scarf – Summer staple

Take My Heart Scarf from Wool and the gang - Beginner knitting kits

Face the summer with this super soft and fluffy scarf knitting kit from Wool And The Gang, an ideal wardrobe staple during spring and summer.

The scarf is made using basic knitting techniques, and the kit comes with written and illustrated instructions, and you also find how-to videos on their Website.

Sally Scarf – Big tassels

The Sally Scarf from BettaKnit -  Beginner knitting kits

The Sally Scarf from BettaKnit is one of the best knitting kits for beginners if you want to have a scarf with a little extra (tassels) and get a real practice on garter stitch.

Even though the scarf is 256 cm/100,8” long, the chunky 100% Peruvian wool and easy knit techniques will make this a quick knit.

You’ll get written instructions as well as find how-to videos on their Website. If you want more insight on how to knit the Sally Scarf you can read my review.

Nyssa Blanket – Giant throw

Nyssa Blanket from Wool Couture -  learn to knit kit

This chunky throw from Wool Couture is made in 100% Merino wool and perfect to snuggle up with on the couch or in bed. With this kit, you’ll learn how to knit, purl, cast-on, and cast-off.

Besides getting all the supplies and instructions you need, you also get an Eco-friendly, recyclable ‘Bag of Happy’ tote bag to keep your WIP (knit slang for Work In Progress) in.

Kate Mittens – Arm and hand warmer


These mittens are a little longer for extra warmth and take just around 5 hrs to make.

This is a super easy knit project with basic purl and knit stitches made in WATG’s natural and sustainable yarn Alpachino.

Wool And The Gangs beginners knitting kit comes with easy instructions, and there are how-to videos on their Website.

Love Train Cushion – Sustainable

Love train cushion from Wool And The Gang - Beginner knitting kits

Wool And The Gang are really good at offering sustainable yarn options. The Love Train Cushion is knitted in a yarn made from upcycled t-shirt scraps with a shoelace structure, which makes it ideal for knitted homewares.

The pillow is knitted in garter stitch, but if you feel adventurous, it comes with two more advanced stitch patterns.

Knot A Knitter Knit Kit – Absolute beginner

Knot A Knitter Knit Kit from Crafty Stitch on Etsy - An absolute beginner knitting kit

That Crafty Stitch has put together a kit for the complete beginner where you will learn the knit stitch, stockinette stitch, rib stitch and moss stich. You will also learn how to knit your own knotted knitted headband.

The kit contain everything you need to get started including both picture and video how to knit instructions. Choose between 25+ funky colors.

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