Hi and welcome! If you love knitting kits, you’re on the right blog. The knitting kit community is getting bigger, and I’ll help you find knitting kits and inspiration for your next project, whether you are a beginner, expert, or in-between.

My mission is to offer quality content about knitting kits with all aspects in mind

I’m originally from Sweden, but after have been living in four different countries (The USA, England, Austria, and Malta), my husband and I plus our little dog Lily settled in Spain. My husband’s work has been the driving force behind the moves, and this has allowed me to study my interests along the way.

I am a Pre-School Teacher with a creative soul that like to try new things which led me to study, Art, Multimedia, and Computer Graphics Design. Knitting has always been a big part of my family; my aunts are practically knitting wizards, and my sister rules the technique of crochet.  

For me, I just started my knitting journey and became obsessed with knitting kits, so obsessed that I started this blog.

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