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DIY – 10 of My Favorite Chunky Knit Blankets (2024)

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Chunky, bulky, giant knits, the bigger the better! I love to knit with chunky yarn as it always results in something big, warm, and cuddly. And what’s better to knit than a chunky knit blanket? Plus, it knits fast!

For the beginner, a chunky knit blanket kit is perfect to start off with. I have picked out some easy knitting kits for those who are at the beginning of their knitting career, but also more advanced projects for the intermediate knitter. If you want to start with a bit smaller knit project, check out my Top 7 Easy Baby Blanket Knitting Kits

These are my favorite chunky blanket kits out there!

Easy Chunky Knit Blanket Kits

Bubble Trouble Throw Blanket

Bubble Trouble Throw Blanket (Knit)

This blanket makes me bubble with joy!

The Bubble Trouble Throw Blanket from Lion Brand is knitted on 19mm (US35) needles in their Wool-Ease WOW jumbo sized yarn. This chunky knit blanket kit will definitely keep you warm and cozy.

Choose your own color combination between 13 hues.

Paix Throw

Knit Kit - Paix Throw

Machine washable blanket!

The Paix Throw from Lion Brand is a faux fur blanket made in 100 % polyester yarn which makes it machine washable.

Comes in 15+ colors.

Giant Blanket Knitting Kit

Giant blanket Knitting kit from Wool Couture

Look at those needles!!!

These gigantic 40 mm needles and super chunky unspun merino wool, from Wool Couture, will get you a thick, warm, and heavy blanket (including strong arms).

Comes in 36 colors.

Moss Stitch Blanket

Moss Stitch Blanket from Loopy Mango

An American Dream!

The Moss Stitch Blanket from Loopy Mango is knitted in their Big Loop merino wool which comes from American farms and is spun and dyed at Loopy Mangos’ own mill in Florida.

This blanket is knitted with 25mm (US50) circular needles, which are lighter and easier to handle than straight needles.

Choose from 16 unique colors.

Lil’ Take Me Home Blanket

Lil' Take Me Home Blanket from Wool and the Gang

The Absolute Beginner Blanket!

Learn how to knit and, at the same time, get a chunky knit blanket.

Lil’ Take Me Home Blanket from Wool And The Gang is a beginner project knitted in 100% Peruvian wool with 25mm (US50) circular needles.

Comes in 40+ colors.

Seakale Blanket

Seakale Blanket | Homewares Knitting Pattern

The all-around blanket!

This stylish blanket from Rowan is an exclusive all-around throw that will fit everywhere in your home.

The Seakale Blanket is knitted in pure Merino wool with 15mm (US19) needles, and comes in 30+ colors.

Intermediate Chunky Knit Blanket Kits

Knit Your Own Blanket Kit

Knit Your Own Blanket Kit from Lauren Aston - Chunky knit blankets

Customized Blanket!

Design your own blanket from Lauren Aston Design.

Choose between four different patterns, the amount of super chunky merino wool you need, and between 30+ colors, and knit away with the 1m long giant needles.  

My First Cable Blanket

My First Cable Blanket from Looby Mango

First time knitting cable?

This chunky blanket kit from Loopy Mango will give you an introduction into knitting cables via written instructions and videos.

The kit includes 100 % Merino wool yarn, size 15mm (US19) circular knitting needles, and the essential cable needle.

Choose from 20 colors.

Brittas Bay Afghan

Brittas Bay Afghan (Knit)

A blanket with character!

Brittas Bay Afghan has a lot of texture due to its mixed knitting techniques.

It’s Knitted in their super bulky Wool-Ease Thick & Quick yarn which is machine washable

Choose your color out of 50+ colors.

Let Go Blanket

Let Go Blanket from Wool And The Gang - Chunky knit blankets

The Ultimate cable blanket!

This knit kit from Wool And The Gang is my favorite cable blanket with the right combination of cable and reverse stocking stitch, which makes the cables stand out.

Made in 100% natural, renewable, biodegradable, Peruvian wool, and knitted with 15mm (US19) circular, and cable needles.

Comes in 40+ colors.

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