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The Nolita Sweater – A We Are Knitters Knit Kit Review

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When I tried out the #BornToDye kit, I actually dyed and came to color-heaven. I instantly felt that I wanted to dye and knit my own sweater, how unique wouldn’t that be?  

After searching all the big Websites for a knitting kit that would suit the idea I had in my head, my choice fell on the Nolita Sweater from We Are Knitters, an easy knitting project perfect for the gradient yarn I planned to dye.

What did the Nolita Sweater knitting kit include?

  • 6 Skeins of The Wool (Natural color)
  • A Nolita Sweater knitting pattern
  • One pair of 15 mm/19 US needles (optional, I already had the needles, and I chose not to include them which gave me a neat $7.25 discount )
  • One sewing needle
  • A We Are Knitters tag
  • We Are Knitters stickers
Nolita Sweater Knitting kit

Which are the knitting techniques?

The Nolita Sweater is an easy level kit, so to know the basic knitting techniques is recommended. In a beginner’s project, you usually learn to cast-on, cast-off, garter stitch, rib stitch, increase, and pick-up stitches.

You will use all these methods in this pattern, but what makes this sweater a little more tricky is the shaping of the neck. For this, you’ll have to know how to cast off stitches in the middle of a row and put stitches on hold, but no sweat, We Are Knitters has an excellent tutorial on this.

The yarn

The yarn is called The Wool, and it’s We Are Knitters most popular yarn, especially amongst beginners as it’s chunky and knits fast. It’s made of 100% natural Peruvian wool and is super soft, squishy, and not at all itchy.  

I chose the natural color as I wanted to dye my yarn first, but with The Wool, you’re spoiled for choices as it comes in over thirty different colors.

Knitting experience

This knit project was a little bit special for me as I knitted the Nolita Sweater with a yarn that I dyed myself. I had to plan how to use my gradient skeins to get the look that I wanted.

I have knitted with The Wool before, and it’s really smooth and elastic to knit, but as it is single-ply (one strand of fiber), it breaks up easily, especially when you are sewing the pieces together.

What do I do when this happens? I wet-splice it! It’s simple, fast, and a big plus is that you can use this technique when you have to add a new ball of yarn. There will be no knots on the “wrong side,” and it’s practically seamless. The wet-splice method works on all natural fibers but best on wool.

I use the wet-splice method all the time, and I made this little video tutorial for you.

To wrap it up!

The Nolita Sweater kit is an easy knitting project that will give you a versatile top, which will both keep you warm and look great. A good sweater project if you want to step up your game from a beginner level to an easy level.

The sizes of this kit range from size S to 3XL and there are over thirty colors to choose from if you don’t do it like me, dye your own yarn ?

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Note; I bought this kit myself and did not get paid for this review.

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